Fat City Review


Publisher: Heavy Iron Studios

Developer: Heavy Iron Studios

Release Date: 2nd October 2015

Available On: Digital Only

Price: £10.39/$12.99


Fat City is a tactical puzzle game from Heavy Iron Studios, where you have to plan the perfect heist while avoiding patrolling police and picking up diamonds. Released onto pretty much every platform imaginable, we now have it on Xbox One, although this isn’t necessarily a good thing.



You play the game as Chris Knox, a formal navy seal who is being bribed by an unknown group, who have threatened to kidnap his sister unless you carry out the heists for them. You have to work your way through the various boroughs of New York where the puzzles get a little more complex, and new characters are introduced, and that pretty much sums up the entire game. The story itself is really, really weak, with very little mentioned about it once the game starts. It starts you off with a simple introduction to the games mechanics, but there is such little depth to them that it really doesn’t take any time to get to depths with them. Each mission has challenges that you can carry out that will earn you extra money; they are usually pretty simple although a few will take a bit of careful planning. Once you’ve played a few missions you will start to unlock new characters, that bring extra abilities such as slowing down the police, speed boosts and hacking safes quicker, but you can through the vast majority of the game without ever needing to use these. The top down view of the game reminded me of Pac-Man, whether that is a deliberate design choice or not I am unsure, but I found that the camera was sometimes pretty unresponsive and made it difficult to plan my moves.



To combat this you can use a heist planner, which costs you $10,000, and will map out the most efficient route for you. The fundamental flaw with this is that you earn around $10,000 from each successful heist, so you can pretty much use this an infinite amount of times. This game is really lacking any real content or any sense of fun, you repeat the same slightly amended scenario over and over, you move from borough to borough, yet the look of the game doesn’t really change. It really is a lacklustre release, especially from a studio that has released some decent titles throughout the years.



As I mentioned above, the graphics are pretty much a non event, you’ve got a few 3d framed environments, your characters are displayed as markers, similar to a board game, and that is about it. This could easily run on an Xbox 360, in fact I imagine it could easily run on the original Xbox! The sounds in this game are also awful, and the music (or what little of it there is) is especially bad.If it wasn’t for the super easy achievement list I doubt this game would have sold anything, you can reach 1000 Gamerscore in around 3 hours, which is just as well as I wouldn’t want to spend a minute longer playing this.

I think my thoughts on this game are pretty clear…….. it’s awful. I have played some great games in 2015, and also some awful ones, this is easily up there with the worst games I have played. It has next to no replay value, the story is lacking, the gameplay is dull, I honestly cannot come up with one good point about this game, so I definitely would recommend you avoid this for sure.


Not Recommended.


Livestream Manager and review writer for The Hidden Levels. An avid Xbox gamer with an addiction to Gamerscore, massive Manchester United fan and someone who is obsessed with watching MMA.

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